World Turning, a series?



What started out as a lark and a one-off image, “World Turning,” has turned into a bit more than expected. With that image, I wanted to try to create something with no human presence, something, strangely, I have not been able to do. In the end, the wheels, these devices, were affixed to mountains and lit in the center with an otherworldly glow. When you build something like this intuitively, you ask yourself “What does this mean? Where are we? What am I trying to say?”

In the two weeks or so I worked on that one, a very elaborate story or backstory started to develop, and suddenly I knew what I was building. It was kind of exciting, because this idea could have some mileage in it, allowing for a potential and ongoing series of images.

This may seem a tease, but as I am not ready to commit to the idea, which is still being developed, I will not be explaining much about this image either, just as I did not explain the first one. What can be gleaned from the title is this: the series is called “World Turning” and the word “dream” in the subtitle is meant to convey that this image is in fact a dream or vision of a character, for now referred to as “the Prophet.”

Everything in the image is there for a reason: the city, the tattoos, the giant wheels, and even the upside down mountains above the character’s head. The three birds flying toward him symbolize something as well. If this character resembles a figure I used in the image “The Long Walk Back,” you are correct, because that image ties into this potential series as well. In fact, quite a few of them do.

Hopefully, in a couple of weeks, the third image in the series will be complete - it is already started - and it’s going to introduce another character to the series. Hopefully, until the backstory is explained, the image will be at least interesting to inspire some speculation as to what it all means!

January 24, 2016
Michael Bilott